St. Augustine FL Tree Service

Well-established tree care companies should be registered with the state of Florida, fully insured, and certified. That Girl Tree Service naturally meets these criteria.

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  • We specialize in all facets of Tree Care

    • Tree Trimming & Pruning – Raise Canopy, Clean-out Inside Growth, Remove Dead Branches, Suckers & Dieback.
    • Tree Shaping & Cutting – To Guide Direction & Growth Structure
    • Tree Removal – Removing Dangerous, Dead, Large, Complex & Unwanted Trees
    • Stump Grinding – Grind, Pull, Uproot & Grinded
    • Tree Planting – Replace A Tree, Transplant & Straighten Trees
    • Lot Clearing & Debris Removal – Remove Underbrush, Old Fallen Trees, Logs, Sticks & Branches From A Property.

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In short, you have found the very best hands to entrust your valuable trees to. That Girl Tree Service is proud to offer free visual assessments and quotes for any job you may require. This is very vital in today’s economy where money must be spent wisely and quality is guaranteed.


We also have a superior reputation-online, and will provide references from however many reputable sources you want to see. We are proud of our company and you can be confident trusting us to do the job safely, in a timely manner, and affordably for any budget.


That Girl Tree Service is the right choice for your trees and property because we bring hands-on experience to every job. Our team members will work with you to decide what should be trimmed, pruned, removed, according to your needs and desires. Our crews are also extremely dedicated and passionate about their work and you will notice this in every branch we trim! Tree care crews are abundant and many are not properly qualified. Do not entrust your trees to a less experienced, indifferent company. Improper tree care can make a healthy tree sick or interfere with natural growth functions for years to come. Our extensively and intensively trained crews recognize exactly what is ailing your trees and the proper methods for restoring health or removal if necessary.